Candle Magic

Candle Magic has been around for centuries. Weather you light candle for a blessing for someone or for someone that pass away,or is lost and hasn’t found their way.  A candle can guide you in many ways. When you blow out that candle the wish or blessing or hope is in the smoke and is on it’s way. It can help guide you in your most darkest times though the tunnels of life. There is hope and love, a blessing, a prayer in this world. In Paganism candles are used in many ways for a ritual, blessing,spells,etc; Candle colors have different meanings for love red candles, for money green, spiritual white or purple etc;. Candles today are made very differently compare to the way that were made in the early years. They used paraffin wax and animal fat to make candles back then. I can imagine how great that smelled.. not.. lol.   Paraffin wax is still used to make candles thank goodness no animal fat is used nowadays. Candles nowadays come in a Wide variety of shapes and colors and scents. In my shop you can order color, size, scent, and shape that you would love for your home or office.  Thank you. I hope you have a great day and have enjoyed my first blog.

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